Thank you all so very very much for your overwhelming support for me and my family! Your outpouring of love, understanding, prayers and massive amounts of positive healing energy helped us more than words can even remotely begin to express. Sawyer passed peacefully here at home on Monday. Kai (Sawyer’s brother from another mother) was able to be with him during his passing. Sawyer was very ill and suffering greatly, but Kai knew this and had begun being extremely gentle the past couple of months when he was around Sawyer. Sawyer is your standard sized Chocolate Lab, a good-sized dog. Kai is a Rottweiler/Siberian Huskey and is HUGE! The pic below is of Sawyer’s last night with us. I have so many things I want to say and they’re all rambling and bouncing around somewhere between my ears, but I can’t seem to get them to come out with any semblance of the gratitude I’m feeling for all of you. Please know I’ve read all your messages and will do my best to respond to each of you when this fog starts to clear. I do though want to add an extra thank you for all the encouraging words regarding my sobriety. I did not drink, and I am proud of myself for that (if you know my story then you know this being proud thing is kinda a big deal for me). I am actually quite surprised at how it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be. When I first posted about our decision to finally make the call, I thought it was going to be a constant minute by minute all-out war for God knows how long. But it wasn’t. There were struggles and worn flooring and anger at myself for even considering having a drink; but I heaved to, hooked in and held on. I know I wasn’t alone in that battle to stay sober – I had all of you, my team, my family, and my buddies Kai and Sawyer. And I am grateful! CAVE (Communicate, Appreciate, Validate…and Evolve) I love and appreciate all of you! 💙🍪💙🍪💙 🙏💙🙏💙🙏

Posted by Carolyn P at 2023-09-06 07:41:09 UTC