The Evolve Plus User Manual was just e-mailed out and should be hitting your inbox momentarily! (Don't see it, make sure you check your spam)! Hope this helps all of you on your journey here with us and makes the Evolve Plus platform easier to navigate for you. Any questions you can click my name and hit the connect button and ask me there or email Now in case you missed it here are the verified accounts you should be following (mine is a given right? You know to click my name and follow me if you aren't? Oh and there are a few new verified accounts for you below if you haven't noticed them yet): @John Edward @SAGE @Leah Rose @Lisa Salvatore @deletedmember @The Seeker's Lamppost @thetarotlady @Nicky Batt @Dianne Gray @Maggie Kerr @Olivia Edward @Jonathan Louis @Laurie Rivers @oliver niño @Jessica Adams @Larissa @Evan Nathaniel Grim So start clicking and following (remember follow not connect), if you do when one of the verified accounts goes live or posts you won't miss a thing!

Posted by Kat Jenus at 2023-04-27 22:07:52 UTC