Hello everyone! Exciting news! We will be booking in private readings for and 10 person private readings groups for December, January, February and March. Remember appointments for private readings are offered to Evolve Plus premium members first then basic members and then we will open it up to everyone else if there are any left available. Private readings are $850 and if you would like to add an additional person that would be an additional $150 (the person much be related and looking to connect with the same people). Private readings are by phone only (no zoom or skype or facetime) and last a minimum of 30 minutes. If you would like to book a private reading please email evolveplus@je-media.com with your name, email address, phone number you would like to be called for the reading, location/time zone and that you understand payment must be made at time of booking and the price is $850. I will email you back and will send you an invoice with the appointment date and time. For the 10 person groups, those will be released in the next few days and I will make an announcement. For VIP premium members you can apply a discount code when booking tickets for $100 off (this is only for the 10 person groups there are no discounts on private readings). Also remember you can only have a private reading or do a 10 person group reading once every 6 months!

Posted by Kat Jenus at 2023-10-20 18:56:40 UTC