Just before Russell T Davies brought back Doctor Who he did a show called Mine All Mine. It’s about Max Vivaldi. A man who discovers, after years of failed money-making schemes, that the piece of paper hanging on his wall says he owns the land that is now the city of Swansea. This is a madcap comedy full of crazy characters and we get to see all of the chaos that Max creates when he takes over control of the city. Doctor Who and fans may recognize a few familiar faces in this cast…Torchwood fans certainly will. I absolutely loved this show and was lucky enough to grab the DVD on eBay and to my surprise it has audio commentary from the man himself RTD. I haven’t listened yet, but I plan to very soon! Mine All Mine aired in 2004 for only one season and ended on a HUGE cliffhanger. (Im hoping the commentary will provide a few answers)

Posted by Joanne at 2023-10-31 13:56:38 UTC