When I passed this bench earlier this year in Wales (we were on a celebration trip for @Olivia Edward 16th bday) and she wanted to tour the UK a bit. #BETTERTHINGS filmed its final season there and she developed an affinity for it just like her dad and cousin @Kat Jenus. This park had a great light show and you are guided thru thr park to light shows and music. It was great. But this photo was the one I kept coming back to. On our paths we are so busy seeking what’s next we miss what’s now. I would have liked to just sit there for a bit longer and take THAT scene and moment in. Whatever you’re doing today … take an extra few minutes to remember it in your mind and not a photo. Whether it be a person you’re with or a place you’re at … Please be sure to check out the verified contributors giving insights into our cosmic weather ahead. If you’re not a premium subscriber- you’re missing out on some timely content.

Posted by John Edward at 2023-05-03 18:52:03 UTC