We all have those items we collect, buy or obsess over. If you're a Virgo or have those placements... I think you might appreciate this video. Mine? Smart Luggage. My son Justin wanted to have a backpack intervention not to long ago. Do I have a problem? I don't think so!!! When you are a road warrior and travel for 30 years... anything that makes your life easier is enticing. Years ago I had a Joy Mangano bag that saw the world a few times. That bad boy made me feel like Felix the Cat. (if you're too young to know said cat... keep it to yourself :) Since that bag has been on life support, and since JOY has stopped producing my bag & moved onto greener pastures... (NO! Not that pasture... She's thriving!! - As an innovative creator, Joy has just invented something called CLEAN BOSS - a greener product and a Botanical Disinfectant.) I have purchased many... many... alternatives. BIG names in luggage. NONE have duplicated the clothes-all (I think that was the name.) And yes, I have already purchased off of eBay any remainders years ago. I have found a next gen alternative. Im adjusting and evolving and it has helped me scale down what I pack as well. I like it a lot. NOT the powerhouse I was used to... but it gets the job done. Question? If we created our own Evolve bag how many of you would be into it? Especially with a looming 2025 retreat? For now... here's my latest find. I have not bought it yet JUSTIN so no need for an intervention. But I am perusing the site - just sayin But, in case this can help anyone in their organizational pursuits... (This is not a paid ad for this company) JE

Posted by John Edward at 2023-05-06 14:43:29 UTC