Thank You @Boomerbeek for letting us know it was National Pet Memorial Day! I had two very traumatic losses that I know I haven’t truly grieved yet. (I’ve been so worried about my sweet Baby who is officially 19 now.). And I realized today I could post my memorial pictures, and talk freely about my JackJack and TimTam. I could also myself to freely honor them without worrying about upsetting my family. It was either my daughters dog or sons dog who attacked and killed them, exactly a month apart. Jack and Tim were brothers and with me since birth. I’m disabled so I have some days where I can’t get out of bed and they were always with me. Jack would sleep on my head and TimTam in my arms. JackJack was ornery but my TimTam had the sweetest most gentle soul. He and I were soulmates, he always knew my high pain days and would just nuzzle me, and he would try to lick my tears away. 7 years we had together on earth, but together forever I know we will be. ✨❤️🐾❤️✨

Posted by FrOoT LoOp at 2023-06-13 23:24:20 UTC