No it’s not mug Monday lol it’s Thursday and I wanted to share something with all of you. Not too long ago @John Edward and I had a conversation about doing things that “spark joy” and not wasting time or energy on things that don’t. I took this talk to heart and sometimes when I need a little joy pick me up I do something silly or childlike or just fun to shift my day. This morning I woke up late and felt like the morning was closing in on me. I had to walk the dogs, feed the dogs, get myself ready and do it all before needing to rush out the door to get to work on time. I went through the motions and managed to get my day morning back on it’s time schedule, however I still felt stressed. (If you listened to this weeks episode of The Rising Gems podcast you will remember @Lisa Salvatore explains that at the end of the week a feeling of anxiety was going to come in ) So I stopped what I was doing, took a deep breath and poured my second cup of coffee. Then I decided to spark joy and add a little something that makes me smile and topped it with strawberry whipped cream. Just looking at this cup of coffee brought a smile to my face and I snapped a picture to share with all of you. I sat down and enjoyed this coffee slowly and didn’t rush through it. Now I’m ready to head to work and face the day…and I’m going to be on time if not earl. So don’t forget to take a minute for something that makes you smile, instead of rushing through everything know there are moments you can and should slow down to enjoy and I hope all of you does something today that sparks joy! Go check out The Rising Gems podcast in The Orbit channel it will tell you what’s going on and help you through the energy of this new moon that’s about to hit tomorrow and comment below with a hello, how you are feeling or tell me how you spark joy for yourself. I wish all of you an amazing day!

Posted by Kat Jenus at 2023-06-15 12:33:41 UTC