I'm beary excited to share this post! Guess who's going live this afternoon? If you said @John Edward you are correct. Make sure you are following John to be notified when it happens. Also make sure you are following me and send me a connect request if you are going to be on this afternoon because when John brings people on to read, I will be sending out the links to join him to your dm's on here if you are selected. Now we aren't releasing the time...it will be sometime this afternoon in New York (so earlier on the west coast and later in the UK/SA/Europe) you have to watch your notifications! First John will go live for everyone in Circles (doing a Q&A through the comments). Then John will go live in The John Edward Group (exclusively for premium subscribers) bringing people on for readings. Can't wait to see what happens tonight. If you missed last night, everyone can watch the replay in Circles and premium members only can watch what happened in The John Edward group. See you all this afternoon!

Posted by SAGE at 2023-06-21 15:43:27 UTC