Can you say catitude?? Found this boy, Middy, on our porch in December of 2020. We fed him and got a heated water dish. My MIL gave us a heated house too! However, a blizzard was coming and I couldn’t leave him outside. Up until then, it was a very mild winter. I took him to the vet and got his basic vaccines. I was worried about how the dogs would react or how he would react to the dogs. I brought him into a room by himself and he wouldn’t have it! I thought, “Ok, my dogs are used to cats. I’ll see how he does.” He strutted right into the living room, past the dogs and up into the cat tower. He was now the boss LOL! He could’ve cared less. I tried to find his owners, but to no luck. The following summer, the neighbor girl came over and said, “I think that’s my cat.” I texted her mom and she didn’t reply. A couple days later, I told her that we were willing to keep him and she replied right away. They had him for a day and he ran off. It was her husband’s aunt’s cat. They took him home(don’t know why), but they did not want him. He is the bestest coolest cat ever!! We love him so much😻😻😻

Posted by Vicki at 2023-04-13 18:58:11 UTC