To be owned by a Cat… (Bella)! While talking with a coworker yesterday, I was telling her about Bella’s shinanagins before I left for work. Bella likes to test me with running up my treadmill, jump on the back of my mounted flat screen t.v., swing down to a large mirror and walk the 4 inch top, then plop down a foot or so to the top of a glass sea shell lamp, that weighs about 30lbs or so… where she likes to sharpen her claws on the shade. 😳 My coworker says “you need to get a water sprayer, and let her know with correction mists that is unacceptable behavior.” I struggled with this information, she assured me it was the best correction for bad kitty behavior. “Boundaries” I thought to myself, I see a theme here! Reluctantly, I bought a small sprayer to take home. Sure enough I get home, Bella is happy to see me, and gets her zoomies. It’s 2:30 am and I am telling her “Bella, your gonna break stuff, stop getting so crazy” I head over to the water bottle, give her yet another warning ⚠️ as she peaks at me over the top of the tv, and as I am standing on top of my bed to get to eye level with her, I spray the water and it’s spraying out as a fine mist! She comes closer for more, as if wanting the full spa treatment! She loves it! 😳 Feeling a tad misunderstood, I squirted a little more. She purred! She’s eventually soaked. I thought, then said aloud, (as I sprayed my last spray) “May the power of Christ compel you to be a better kitty”! She climbed down for love & snuggles after the spa treatment 🥰 When we finally settled in for sleep around 3:30 am, and as I closed my eyes, then opened them wide in the dark of night to realize… I got owned by a cat!

Posted by 1AboveWater at 2023-06-22 20:19:59 UTC