Good Evening or maybe Good AM in your part of the world! Sage here with an important message that you-must-not-scroll-delete about the cosmic weather this weekend. If you are feeling out of sorts or thinking the world around you is unBEARable; you MUST read & watch @Lisa Salvatore update for this weekend and how it will affect all the signs. Listen and read yours and then check on those around you as well. Make sure you are following @Lisa Salvatore and @Olivia Edward so you are aware of the release of the next installment of THE RISING GEMS podcast. You can find it under THE ORBIT CHANNEL then click on THE RISING GEMS tile. Remember CHANNELS host the content, videos, and older livestreams. GROUPS are where we post and read information in the feed. Speaking of feed, its time for dinner so @Lisa Salvatore will explain in her words below and in the energy update video attached to this post. 🐼🍕 By: Lisa Salvatore Happy Friday Friends A friendly reminder as we head into the weekend along with some intuitive insights for the signs Keep in mind this is guidance, not gospel There’s definitely an energy in the air of miscommunication, misunderstanding, and potentially, misdirected anger Candid conversations help to smooth over any ruffled feathers, but watch your temper as it can get heated quite quickly…. speak from your heart, but use your head… don’t LOSE your head As we build up toward Sunday and Monday especially, the heat is on, and the collective tone is much more reactive and volatile … I want you to remember the value in SLOWING DOWN in every which way, especially Emotionally and physically, move with intention and purpose but also with awareness as with this type of energy, accidents and mishaps happen much more easily HOWEVER forewarned is forearmed, right ? Headaches/ sinus pressure/light headed ness might be enhanced so make sure you are taking care, drinking water, eating/taking your nutrients as these energies absolutely affect us Remember that we are clearing outdated patterns, systems and beliefs on all levels and integrating ‘the new’… tears and frustration are not uncommon either so go gentle on yourself ( and others ) Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn- you are likely feeling stretched out to the max and more sensitive than ‘normal’ for you. Past grievances seem to be resurfacing. This is not to haunt and/or taunt you, but to help you to identify patterns and to redirect your energy for more efficient results. Notice the repetition… karmic gold is in there for you. If you are being guided to take a physical break, then do so. Recognize the warnings of burn out, so you are better equipped to manage your energy before it manifests physically Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius -fiesty! You are being asked to take a step back and process the information before you lash out. Emotions are running high and hot for you. You have the right to be upset, but you don’t want to go out on the attack. You willl regret it if you do, so cultivate some patience and remember: in the face of disagreement, it’s important to communicate respect, first and foremost Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius- you are going to feel like a ping-pong ball so be sure to carve out some time to just chill and be still. If you must be moving at all times , this energy is best funneled toward cleaning or exercise, not idle chit-chat/gossip. Watch out for repeating what you hear this weekend, as it may land you in hot water. Don’t force any decisions right now, as more information will come to you shortly and you will be able to make an informed decision. You will be grateful that you did not act hastily Have a great weekend everyone

Posted by SAGE at 2023-06-24 00:17:37 UTC