Good Monday morning! Mug Monday time! One thing I often do is if there is a favorite tv show I have that I am invested in for a long time I buy a mug reminding me of it. I have spent many years watching The L Word (originally aired in 2004-2009 then came back as Generation Q (2019-2023) and becoming invested in their lives and drama lol. I love the colors of this mug. So this is my mug Monday. Please share yours if you can and if you cannot please describe it. If there is a story behind it let me know. (Also I am fully aware I should share the mug before having my first cup but in order to Monday I have to have the first cup first then I can function lol). Reminder, all responses should be comments on this post and not posted to another group or elsewhere.

Posted by Kat Jenus at 2023-06-26 11:00:02 UTC