I want to welcome everyone that’s new to the community. As a reminder, there will be opportunities for readings in various modalities on here. This place is meant to be a sanctuary of energy. Where each of you is one note in this universal symphony that we are orchestrated in playing. That being said … when it comes to your bios. Please don’t reveal info about your personal losses or the journey that brought you here. Imagine a cynic logs on and creates a new free account. They see you revealing personal info and that’s it. The integrity veil is pierced. We must always protect that at all costs. if you’re a non verified psychic - I respect the journey you’re on as well. It is with no disrespect to our collective work that I ask you NOT to post in your bios you are a psychic, reader, astrologer etc. If I haven’t worked with you I can’t verify for the greater community who you are and what you do. I know you get this. 👍 For anyone that doesn’t adhere … well SAGE 🐼 will also be our security advisor. They (as I’m uncertain of Sages pronouns) cannot be bribed by the promise of bamboo. 😉 Did I mention I’m so happy you’re here??? Now if you haven’t … please go follow all the verified accounts to not miss out on upcoming new content and events JE

Posted by John Edward at 2023-04-15 19:50:15 UTC