Good am (eve) I have some news. When we launched EVOLVE + the goal was to make this easily accessible & affordable for all. I wanted the E+ community to be accessible to all & I accomplished that goal with having a freemium account. Even though all the premium content was behind a pay wall, making sure you had access to info in the CIRCLES, PAWFECTION, & Doctor WHO group created our community. You know what else came with this? Scammers, spammers & trolls. After our many in-house discussions, we realized the only way to alleviate our members from being harassed, trolled and livestreams hijacked (if you were in one of my last ones you know what I mean) the membership tiers have been revamped. I HOPE you see the value in staying and make being here a priority for yourself and invite many others as well. The new pricing structure that will be going into affect this week is as follows: BASIC: $4.99 a month VIP PREMIUM: $19.99 a month (read more below for details) BASIC: This will open ALL the current* (subject to future changes) groups & the robust posts to interact with, plus access to limited premium content. - You will be able to see all the posts, comment and participate within those groups & any videos directly posted or shared within the groups. - Create your own profile on Evolve + where you can follow other members & have the ability for them to follow you back - Access to select livestreams - Access to the majority of current groups (as of July 2023) - Posts/Contents from Evolve+ verified creators, astrology, psychics, recipes, numerology, & color insights. - Access to select episodes of THE RISING GEMS podcast, PREMIUM livestreams, Evolve w/ JE, & additional content as its released. - Secondary notice to Private Readings with ME when & if they are available for purchase - but before it goes out to the website interest list - Be the first to know about upcoming events, classes, workshops etc. - The planning is underway for an in person RETREAT for 2025. This will initially be available to Evolve + members only and then offered to my waiting list. - Contests for Evolve+ swag throughout the year - Access to daily quotes & journal prompts - Book recommendations from me (JE) & other verified creators including the upcoming Evolve + book club VIP PREMIUM: 19.99 a month If you just said, wait!! that is cheaper? YES... yes it is. thank you for noticing :) Your VIP Premium gives you ALL of the basic membership plus: - Access all premium content on the CHANNELS - All premium lives, livestreams, giveaways, meditations, with John Edward & verified creators - Access to all groups plus early acknowledgment of classes and workshops tbd - Original content like the RISING GEMS PODCAST (weekly) providing astrological insights and Updates to the cosmic weather - FIRST opportunity to book private readings (when available) and Private Reading Groups (zoom) when available - Full access to the current season of Evolve w/JE currently in season 17 with chances to be part of a virtual audience or in person when applicable - as well as episodes made available from past seasons - Psychic Tools to help unlock your intuitive mind and gain insights into your daily life - Discover your numerology, experience the Tarot Center, Tarot Card of the day, or use the McCabe Institute Symbol Cards for personal insights - Access to discounted tickets to certain live events Sorry this was so long... but I just found out this was going into effect.

Posted by John Edward at 2023-07-05 17:31:28 UTC