It is a beautiful day here in NY, listened to a soprano @Leah Rose chasing a hunting cat (Belvedere)thus far... and that reminded me to make sure you are checking out all the groups here on Evolve plus. If you're not, then you missed the above in PAWFECTION group. Check out all the posts and comments - follow each other to create a circle of energy that you feel connected to. These are the folks you will meet in person at the 2025 Retreat being discussed. Also, take a look at the verified creators and follow them for when they are going live to interact with. Speaking of which, pick two creators that you think would make an interesting conversation if they went live together... I'll go first @The Seeker's Lamppost & @Nicky Batt your turn

Posted by John Edward at 2023-07-06 13:36:14 UTC