As you can see from the last few days - we have had a few new scammer accounts attempt to hoodwink (fun word) our community. Thanks to the diligence of our members, they have been flagged. We know this will dissipate as soon as the new Basic & VIP Premium memberships kick in. Also, in the last few days a new social media app called THREADS has launched as the 3rd maybe 4th twitter killer. It's a new quick paced current stream of info that will eventually devolve into societal chaos with more success. Currently, It does have the feeling of "old" twitter circa 2009 when it was fun AND my then fav app. If you saw me on there it is only to secure my handle to make sure folks don't attempt to imitate me there as well. I even have an ONLY FANS... (a funny story but I need @Kat Jenus on camera for you to see her reaction when I told her) is the focus. I will be here on my channel. So, sure follow me if you are there (THREADS), but don't feel like it's necessary... (LIKE HERE) To be completely transparent - I will be using all other social media apps to market this one to make sure we have a thriving lifestyle platform right here. Live Stream production calendar is being worked on, so please turn on your notifications to be alerted. Watch for push notifications as well. Many will be impromptu and others will be promoted in advance. So check out @Larissa Goddess Giving insights on todays 777 and make it a great day wherever you are ... 😎

Posted by John Edward at 2023-07-07 12:55:06 UTC