Doctor Who What have I gotten myself into here? Only because I trust you will I keep watching! I’m in the middle of S1E1, Rose. Rose’s boyfriend got sucked into a trash can while she was visiting a guy she found on the internet who is looking for people who have seen the Doctor. Said boyfriend is now a plastic humanoid and is trying to kill the Doctor (who just blew a champagne cork in boyfriend’s forehead, which he then spit out)!!?? 🤣🤣🤣. I’m just gonna keep watching because I trust you! Anything I should know before I watch episode 2? Trust is a beautiful thing! I’m trusting my gut that is telling me to trust that this is truly worth watching!! 💙💙💙 I trust I will not regret this!

Posted by Carolyn P at 2023-07-09 05:08:25 UTC