The only good thing about snow is a clean dog! This is Whizard. He came to me 16 months ago. He & his siblings were rescued by the SPCA in December 2021 I saw them online & headed up to apply for adoption. The woman working at the shelter asked me to choose one… yeah right I’d be going home with all of them. So I asked her to pick one. She chose the highest-strung little goober called Ruckus 👀& he was that 🤣. The name suited him but because he neglected he wasn’t house-trained so Whizard replaced Ruckus 😅 He paced the house for 2 days solid & would only sleep if I held him. On the 3rd day, he finally felt safe enough to crash out in his bed. I’ve homed many animals & loved them all but our connection is different. ❤️✨ He brings me so much joy (even though he’s a handful lol)

Posted by The Seeker's Lamppost at 2023-04-19 12:12:01 UTC