Good afternoon everyone! So many of you have messaged me asking for a list of the bearified (verified) contributors to follow on Evolve Plus, that I wanted to put this together a complete list for you. (Follow me as well, your friendly panda. Just click my name or the name of anyone on the list below to be taken to their profiles, then click the "follow" button.) @John Edward @Kat Jenus @Leah Rose @Olivia Edward @Jonathan Louis @Lisa Salvatore @Dianne Gray @The Seeker's Lamppost @thetarotlady @Larissa Goddess Giving @FrannieLovesFood @Evan Nathaniel Grim @KristaLyn @Nicky Batt @oliver niño @Maggie Kerr @Laurie Rivers @Jessica Adams @Alec @Joanne @jamie schler @Armand Diaz Don't forget to follow each of these accounts so you don't miss a thing!

Posted by SAGE at 2023-07-20 15:00:24 UTC