Time to answer the phone! I posted the following yesterday and am now makings calls to book people in for readings. If you did not include your phone number, it's very hard for me to call you. Also if you did not let me know you read the details and pricing and understand all of the information...I wont know you do! So re-read the below and make sure you email in if you haven't already or if you missed any information in the email...but most importantly pick up the phone lol. The post you have all been waiting for...we are now booking appoints for John Edward private readings (which will take place in August and September). Private readings will be booked in, in the order interest is expressed (starting with VIP premium members and if any readings are left to be booked we will then move into basic members). To express interest in a private reading please email evolveplus@je-media.com with the following information: Name, Email, Phone Number, Time zone or location, and that you understand the private readings are done by phone, cannot be recorded and all costs associated with the reading. For information on private readings, pricing and more please go to https://johnedward.net/private-readings/private-reading/ Please note we will verify your account status prior to booking you in. If you are selected, you will either be emailed back or I will call you to book you in (please note all calls come from a private or unknown phone number), I will start contacting everyone tomorrow, please only email in once as each time you email gmail moves you further down the list in our inbox. Looking forward to booking some of you in and once all of the readings are booked in I will post so you aren't sitting waiting for a call! Good luck!

Posted by Kat Jenus at 2023-07-21 19:47:55 UTC